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  • "PDI's staff is welcoming, prompt, and professional. The instructors provide insightful and timely feedback. PDI has developed the perfect balance of course text and resources, assignments that are applicable, and logical assessments. If you are interested in quality PD that is 100% online, flexible, and affordable, I highly recommend PDI to meet your needs and improve your practice." (Rene Lafayette)
  • "The format was perfect for my life. I have a small child and work full time so being able to access the class from anywhere and submit my work easily was a real joy." (Robyn DePeola)
  • "The PDI staff have been nothing but outstanding professionals throughout this course. I appreciate them for all their hard work." (Ericka Perry)
  • "I enjoy the flexible format that PDI courses offer. As a working mom, it is hard to find time to sit down and work on class readings, etc. The flexibility of PDI has allowed me to enhance myself as a professional and obtain credit hours for salary advancement, all while chasing a toddler!" (Sarah Pickerell)
  • "I have enjoyed both PDI courses I have taken mainly because I know what to expect when I receive access. The format of quizzes, projects, and reflections that is consistent with all PDI courses takes the stress out of taking a class, but doesn't make them any less valuable. You know right from the beginning what you are signing up for and can use the information right away in your teaching. Love these courses!" (Beth Logsdon)
  • "Excellent content! Information was current, concise and presented in a user friendly way. Lessons could be taught immediately and results seen right away. I enjoyed the opportunity to take the course at my own pace and when I found time in my schedule to devote to the various lessons. It's great to be able to do the assignments at 11:00 at night or 8:00 in the morning!" (Cindy McIntyre)
  • "The feedback and responses I have received from the instructor have been outstanding. Even though this is an online course, I feel as if I have received more feedback than I have received in the past from the traditional learning environment. The instructor made us feel comfortable and has provided feedback that is both appropriate and timely. Both the content and the resources were outstanding. I have printed the entire course for reference. The examples provided were most helpful as well. The objectives for the course were clear and achievable." (Faricia M. King)
  • "The format was ideal for me. Being able to work at my own pace and in my home was one of the main reasons I took this course. The grading rubrics were extremely helpful and the bulletin board easy to use. Excellent program!" (Michelle Osborne)
  • "The content and resources for this class were most helpful. As all PDI courses, there is no "fluff" to get in the way of real learning. The flexible format is the MOST teacher-friendly format out there in the PD world." (Christian LaSalle)
  • "The cost was very affordable. Hands down, this was the best online class experience I've ever had. Thank you!!" (Heather Haunert)
  • "The content and format was extremely user friendly. It is very difficult to work and be a student at the same time, however with this course it was painless. Thanks." (Frances Hall)
  • "The format was user-friendly. I love the fact that there is no pressure. You can work at your own pace. This course is exactly what I need to maintain a balance between teaching, writing lesson plans, home, and my personal responsibilities. Thank you PDI for creating a way to learn/professionally develop that does not add more pressure to the life of a teacher." (Tracy Aytch)
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