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UC San Diego Extension grants post-baccalaureate (graduate-level) professional credit for successful completion of PDI courses. Post-baccalaureate credit is described as:

Professional credit-bearing post-baccalaureate (graduate-level) courses in the field of education, specifically designed for teachers. Major emphasis is on pedagogy, teaching methods and materials, and curriculum design.

UCSD operates on the quarter system, and all credit is given in quarter units. Each unit signifies approximately ten hours of instructional time. PDI courses are worth 5 quarter units of credit which is equivalent to 3 ⅓ semester units of credit and 50 hours of training. PDI issues a letter grade for all of its courses.

The official transcript you receive from University of California San Diego Extension will have a letter grade for your course.

Note that although PDI's courses are post-baccalaureate (graduate-level) courses, they are not applicable toward an advanced degree at UC San Diego.


Click here for a letter from UC San Diego Extension Assistant Dean, Dr. Morgan Appel, explaining the university credit in detail.

If you have questions about university credit, please contact the PDI Registrar/Student Services Manager, Thuong Tran, at