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Using Google Classroom for Teaching and Learning (K-12)

Do you have Google Classroom and want to fully understand how to maximize its potential? In this course, teachers will learn how to use all the features of Google Classroom to enhance their teaching. Strategies for using the announcement, question, and assignment options to enhance the learning process will be emphasized as teachers move toward a paperless classroom. Teachers will also learn how to effectively use all of the quiz options. Strategies for differentiating instruction using the features of Google Classroom will be explored. Specific instructions for integrating Google Classroom with other Google products such as Google Calendar and Google Docs, as well as, popular educational extensions and apps will be shared. Additionally, instructions for using the Google Classroom mobile app will be provided. Finally, using Google Classroom for assessment through the use of rubrics as well as the gradebook function are also shared. This course is worth 3 ⅓ semester units/5 quarter units from UC San Diego Extension. For detailed information on university credit, click here.

Note: You need access to Google Classroom to participate in this course. Google Classroom is not part of the standard Google Apps package. Please be sure you have access to Google Classroom before registering for this course.

"I really enjoyed the course material. I loved the content that I learned in the course. I already began implementing some of the skills in my class, and my students are excited too." - Ronda Fox


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This course applies toward the Educational Technology Award of Completion

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Required Resource Book: This course has a modestly-priced required resource book (available in both new and used versions) that can be purchased through Amazon using the following link. Note that you can begin and participate in your course before the book arrives.

Google Classroom” by Ted Lebowski

If you are registering for multiple courses, use the following link to access the book list for all PDI courses with direct purchase links through Amazon. PDI Course Resource Book List


Topical Outline / Click here to request a copy of the detailed syllabus

PDI Course Number: 85BXX

UCSD Course Number: EDUC40105

Unit One

  • Introduction to G Suite for Education
  • What is Google Classroom?
  • Why use Google Classroom?
  • Assignment #1: Write an autobiography/Write an article reflection

Unit Two

  • Getting Started - Setting Up and Signing In
  • Navigating the Dashboard and Creating Your First Class
  • Inviting Students to Join Your Class
  • Assignment #2: Create topics to encourage communication in Classroom

Unit Three

  • Creating and Posting Questions, Announcements, and Assignments
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Paperless Grading
  • Assignment #3: Create and post an announcement, question, and assignment

Unit Four

  • Student View
  • Digital Differentiation
  • Monitoring and Sharing Student Work
  • Assignment #4: Differentiate an assignment using features of Google Classroom

Unit Five

  • Introduction to the Google Classroom Mobile App
  • Assessment Using the Mobile App
  • Google Classroom as a Platform for Blended Learning and Flipped Classrooms
  • Assignment #5: Find online resources that integrate with Google Classroom

Unit Six

  • Ending One Year and Planning for the Next
  • Using Extensions and Apps
  • Resources for Staying Current with Google Classroom
  • Assignment #6: Review an app and discuss how you will use it in your classroom
  • Assignment #7: Reading/Learning Log (Based on required resource book)