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Red Arrow Designing and Creating a WebQuest (3-12)

Would you like to learn how to develop a content-based WebQuest? A WebQuest is an excellent way to integrate content curriculum with technology and the Internet. This online course will focus on how to develop a WebQuest based on any content area. Teachers review and consider content standards, and then develop the WebQuest based on a theme or topic that addresses the standards. Teachers will also learn how to program a WebQuest online. Internet search strategies will be emphasized in order to find WebQuest resources efficiently. Every step necessary to create a WebQuest will be explored in detail throughout the course including setting goals and creating tasks, as well as how to efficiently find all the resources students will need to complete the WebQuest. Teachers will also learn how to develop a rubric to assess students' completion of the WebQuest. Finally, teachers will learn how to share the strategies they learned with students, allowing them to create WebQuests on their own.

Red Arrow Digital Storytelling: Using Technology to Write Stories (4-12)

Are you interested in learning creative ways to integrate writing and technology within your content curriculum? Digital storytelling is an excellent way to engage students because it allows them to use their vast technology skills to tell a story. This online course takes you through the entire digital storytelling process from start to finish. Teachers will learn how to design digital storytelling projects for all content areas allowing them to incorporate writing throughout the curriculum. Strategies and ideas are shared for story content as well as technology that can be used to produce the stories. Appropriate ways to assess digital stories will also be shared. .

Red Arrow Distance Learning: How to Survive and Thrive (K-12) / One Unit Course

Are you overwhelmed trying to prepare for a new school year of teaching at a distance? Are you struggling with finding, and then learning how to use, necessary software, applications, and extensions? This online course is designed to help teachers successfully implement a distance learning experience for their students. It is comprehensive in providing instructions for using nearly all the most popular options for creating a successful online classroom such as Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology, Seesaw, Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Flipgrid, Google Forms and Slides, and PowerPoint just to name a few. Additionally, critical topics as they relate to teaching at a distance are addressed such as how to build an online class community, online student collaboration, and how to help diverse student populations. This course will help you to not only survive, but also thrive, while teaching in a distance learning environment.

Red Arrow Educational Technology 101 (K-12)

Do you want to improve your technology skills and keep up with your students? This online course is designed for educators interested in learning about the most current technology being used in classrooms. Topics addressed in the course include information literacy, WebQuests, Internet search strategies, wikis, blogs, podcasts, digital storytelling, virtual field trips, YouTube, social media, and interactive whiteboards. Teachers will learn how to use all of these technologies in the classroom and integrate them into their content curriculum. Teachers will also learn the basics of the most common Microsoft apps and Google apps. Finally, teachers will learn how to design and create a basic classroom website.

Red Arrow Effectively Using iPads to Transform Your Classroom (K-12)

Do you love your iPad and are looking for innovative ways to use it in your classroom? In this online course, teachers will learn how to successfully use iPads in the K-12 classroom. Teachers are taught the importance of using the iPad to reach educational objectives and teach real-world technology skills to students. A plethora of apps are introduced that align with curriculum standards. The apps outlined in the course can be used to teach English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, health, and the arts. Teachers will also learn how to access and use Google apps on the iPad. Teachers will be introduced to apps that can be used for communication, collaboration, and social networking. Additionally, teachers learn about apps that can be used as classroom tools for instruction and assessment, as well as those that can serve as platforms for the creation of multimedia components and projects. Finally, teachers will discover a multitude of additional uses for the iPad, such as creating presentations (both for students and by students), creating their own podcast, and developing screencasts for classroom instruction.

Red Arrow The Flipped Classroom: An Interactive Approach to Student Engagement (4-12)

Are you curious about the flipped classroom model of teaching? Flipped learning is also referred to as blended learning wherein the traditional learning environment is reversed. Students access content at home through videos, podcasts, and Internet activities, thereby freeing up critical classroom time to devote to hands-on instruction. In this online course, teachers will learn how to effectively implement flipped learning in their classrooms. Teachers are provided with tips and strategies on how to create engaging instructional videos and develop interactive, collaborative, and hands-on classroom activities that foster self-directed learning skills. Specific information regarding how to flip instruction for each of the four main content areas is shared, using methods such as cooperative learning and targeted grouping. Finally, teachers will learn about the various assessment strategies which are appropriate for the flipped learning model.

Red Arrow Google as a Classroom Tool for Learning (K-12)

Do you feel overwhelmed by all of the Google tools currently available to educators and are wondering what is the best way to implement them into your teaching? This online course introduces K-12 teachers to some of the best practices for effectively integrating a variety of Google products and services into their classrooms for educational purposes. This course allows teachers to practice navigating through the general interface of many different Google products including Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Drawings, Classroom, Sites, Photos, Blogger, Maps, Earth, and YouTube. The searching, organizational, communication, and collaboration components of various Google products will be highlighted in order to help teachers develop a deeper understanding of how Google can enhance learning among and between students. Teachers will learn to utilize the basic tools of many educationally-relevant Google products and, through the use of such products, will become skilled in creating standards-based lessons that will help students learn in an efficient, effective, and engaged manner. Teachers will also be introduced to some of the basics for using Chromebooks in their classrooms.

Red Arrow Making the Most of the Internet in the Classroom (K-12)

Are you looking to find better ways to use the Internet in your classroom? Are you tired of conducting Internet searches and never quite finding what you really wanted? This online course will focus on helping teachers make the most of the Internet in their classrooms. Teachers will learn how to conduct effective and efficient searches so that they may then progress to developing online activities and projects for students. These new search skills will also help teachers find valuable resources to use in the classroom, including homework assistance for students. Teachers will learn how to use Internet resources to create a WebQuest, virtual field trip, and online scavenger hunt. Teachers will also learn how to develop their own classroom websites. The basics of Google apps such as Calendar, Groups, Photos, Drive, and Translate will be introduced. Finally, teachers will be introduced to the concept of flipped learning and receive tips and resources for implementing a flipped learning model in each content area.

Red Arrow Mastering Google Apps for Education (K-12)

Is your school a Google-centric environment? Do you use many of the apps in G Suite for Education? Do you wish you knew how to use Google Apps to improve teaching and learning? This online course is designed to help teachers master the Google apps that are part of G Suite for Education, as well as some others. You will learn the basics of the apps as well as how to integrate them into your classroom and curriculum. The course begins with an overview of the most popular Google apps as well as an introduction to technology configurations and integration. Then, we jump into an in-depth look at how to use the following apps within the context of the curriculum: Drive, Docs, Calendar, Search, Translate, Forms, Slides, Sheets, Earth, Maps, Classroom, Photos, Sites, and Keep. The final step in putting it all together by reviewing and creating lessons that integrate several Google apps into a single lesson.

Red Arrow Multimedia Project Design and Development (K-12)

Do you want to learn how to create basic multimedia presentations to use in your classroom? In this course, teachers will learn how to take the proper steps toward designing an effective plan for assigning multimedia projects in the classroom through all phases including Determine, Design, and Development. Teachers are taught how to properly plan for the multimedia project by determining standards and setting objectives within the context of teaching students critical information literacy skills. Strategies for organizing the project, creating cooperative groups, and effectively assessing student projects are discussed. Detailed instructions for creating multimedia projects using Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, Prezi, and VoiceThread are provided that can be used by both teachers and students. Techniques for integrating graphics, animation, audio, and video into a multimedia presentation are shared. Multimedia project ideas for all grade levels and all content areas are also presented. Finally, teachers will gain management tips for implementing multimedia projects and activities into their classrooms.

Red Arrow Using Google Classroom for Teaching and Learning (K-12)

Do you have Google Classroom and want to fully understand how to maximize its potential? In this course, teachers will learn how to use all the features of Google Classroom to enhance their teaching. Strategies for using the announcement, question, and assignment options to enhance the learning process will be emphasized as teachers move toward a paperless classroom. Teachers will also learn how to effectively use all of the quiz options. Strategies for differentiating instruction using the features of Google Classroom will be explored. Specific instructions for integrating Google Classroom with other Google products such as Google Calendar and Google Docs, as well as, popular educational extensions and apps will be shared. Additionally, instructions for using the Google Classroom mobile app will be provided. Finally, using Google Classroom for assessment through the use of rubrics as well as the gradebook function are also shared.