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Red Arrow Developing Phonemic Awareness in Emergent Readers (PreK-2)

Do you want strategies for teaching the foundational skills of reading? This online course focuses on developing a child’s phonemic awareness to prepare him or her to be a successful reader. The course begins with phonemic awareness assessment options. Based on the assessment results, you can determine which strategies are most appropriate for each student. Instructional strategies presented in the course include rhyming, alliteration, onset and rime, syllable segmentation, and many more.

Red Arrow Effective Strategies for Emergent and Early Writers (PreK-3)

Are you looking for effective ways to encourage your young writers? Do you need strategies for teaching students the foundations for writing success? This online course presents a thorough review of the writing process. Teachers also learn how to address spelling and grammar in student writing. Assessment strategies, including rubrics, will also be shared.

Red Arrow Reading Foundations for Emergent and Early Readers (PreK-2)

Do you ever wonder what you can do to help young students gain a better foundation in reading? This online course is designed for teachers in grades PreK-2 who want to build a solid foundation in reading from the very beginning. Information on the building blocks of reading is shared together with specific strategies for incorporating these foundation skills into their everyday practice. Teachers will gain a solid understanding of such concepts as phonics, decoding, sight words, vocabulary, and fluency, just to name a few. By the end of this course, teachers will more fully understand how to best help their students with learning how to read and will have gained valuable classroom ideas to incorporate these skills into their everyday teaching.


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