Test is compliments of the Professional Development Institute

The Great Kapok Tree

1. What was the first animal to whisper into the man's ear?

A) Monkey
B) Snake
C) Toad
D) Sloth

2. The man did not cut the tree down because his axe was not sharp enough.

A) True
B) False

3. What was the man's decision at the end of the book?

A) To take a break and come back later
B) To find a nearby tree to cut down
C) To cut the Kapok tree down immediately
D) To leave the Kapok tree standing for the animals

4. What did the man see when he woke up?

A) A hunter looking for animals
B) A giant spider coming toward him
C) The great Kapok tree had fallen on its own
D) The animals and child gathered around him

5. Why did the man fall asleep in the rain forest?

A) He slipped and hit his head
B) He was tired from chopping the tree
C) He was poisoned
D) He would rather sleep there than at home