Test is compliments of the Professional Development Institute

Pedro's Journal

1. What did Pedro plan to do immediately upon his return home?

A) Go to see his mother
B) Go to church to pray
C) Take a bath
D) Get a job

2. Where was their first stop?

A) San Salvador
B) Africa
C) Canary Islands
D) Cuba

3. What happened to the Pinta?

A) It sank
B) The rudder broke
C) It got lost
D) It hit a barrier reef

4. What problem did the Santa Maria experience?

A) It got off course
B) It hit an iceberg
C) It sank
D) There was a mutiny

5. Name a sign that land is near.

A) Water gets colder
B) Waves get higher
C) Debris is in the water
D) Water is saltier

6. From where did Pedro and Christopher Columbus depart?

A) London, England
B) Palos, Spain
C) Rome, Italy
D) Paris, France

7. Who was the captain of the Pinta?

A) Christopher Columbus
B) Amerigo Vespucci
C) Martin Alonso Pinzon
D) Vasco de Gama

8. Why did Columbus bring natives onto his ship?

A) To get gold
B) To talk to them
C) To bring them home as slaves
D) To cook for them

9. What was the reward for spotting land first?

A) Credit for the discovery
B) 10,000 maravedis
C) Get to steer the ship
D) A pound of gold

10. What was Pedro's job on the ship?

A) Ship's cabin boy
B) Rigger
C) Helmsman
D) Navigator