Test is compliments of the Professional Development Institute

Island of the Blue Dolphins

1. What did Karana use to make the fence around her home?

A) Rocks
B) Whale bones
C) Wood
D) Sea elephant tusks

2. Who did Karana meet on the island?

A) An Aleut girl
B) Another stranded tribe member
C) The Aleut Captain
D) Father Gonzalez

3. Who rescued Karana?

A) The Aleuts
B) Father Gonzalez
C) Ulape
D) White men

4. Who was left behind on the island?

A) Ulape
B) Kimki
C) Ramo
D) Nanko

5. How did Ramo die?

A) He drowned in the ocean
B) He died of starvation
C) He was attacked by dogs
D) He fell off a cliff

6. What law did Karana break?

A) She made weapons
B) She killed seals
C) She wore Aleut jewelry
D) She killed dogs

7. Why did Karana want to kill a sea elephant?

A) To make a spear point
B) For food
C) She needs a pelt
D) To make a fence

8. Why did the Aleuts come to the Island of the Blue Dolphins?

A) To hunt otter
B) To trade goods
C) To hunt seal
D) To take the tribe to new land

9. Why did Karana have to return to the island in her canoe?

A) She ran out of food
B) She was followed by sharks
C) The canoe was leaking
D) She ran out of drinking water

10. What natural disaster occurred on the island?

A) A tornado
B) A hurricane
C) An earthquake
D) A typhoon