Test is compliments of the Professional Development Institute

Dear Mr. Henshaw

1. What problem does Leigh face at school?

A) Suspension for making a noisy burglar alarm
B) Fighting with his classmates
C) Someone is stealing from his lunch
D) He accidentally threw his retainer away

2. Which story does Leigh turn in for the writing contest?

A) The Great Lunchbox Mystery
B) The Ten-Foot Wax Man
C) A Day on Dad's Big Rig
D) Ways to Catch a Lunch Bag Thief

3. Which book prompts Leigh to write to Mr. Henshaw?

A) Ways to Amuse a Dog
B) Beggar Bears
C) Moose on Toast
D) The Great Lunch Mystery

4. What kind of work does Leigh's mom do?

A) Writing
B) Truck driving
C) Catering
D) Nursing

5. Who is the famous author Leigh gets to have lunch with?

A) Mr. Fridley
B) Mr. Henshaw
C) Angela Badger
D) Beverly Cleary

6. What does Leigh's dad want from Leigh's mom at the end?

A) A chance of getting back together
B) Money
C) Custody of Leigh
D) Bandit

7. What does Leigh's dad always say to Leigh?

A) Behave for your mother
B) Keep your nose clean
C) Keep your grades up
D) All of the above

8. Why does Leigh's dad send him $20.00?

A) To help Leigh buy a new composition notebook
B) For Christmas
C) He feels guilty about losing bandit
D) For his birthday

9. Who gave Leigh the idea for a burglar alarm on his lunch?

A) Mom
B) Barry
C) Dad
D) Mr. Fridley

10. What does Leigh's dad forget to do?

A) Leave the door open for Bandit
B) Call Leigh
C) Mail a child support check
D) All of the above