Test is compliments of the Professional Development Institute


1. Why wouldn't the little girl's mom buy her Corduroy?

A) They did not have time
B) Her mom already spent too much money
C) The girl was too old for stuffed animals
D) She did not think her daughter deserved him

2. Who found Corduroy and brought him back to the toy department?

A) The sales lady
B) Another toy
C) The night watchman
D) The little girl

3. What was the little girl's name who wanted to buy Corduroy?

A) Polly
B) Jessica
C) Cheryl
D) Lisa

4. What did the little girl do as soon as she brought Corduroy home?

A) Lost him
B) Sewed a button on for him
C) Played games with him
D) Tucked him into bed

5. Where did Corduroy think he found his button?

A) In the trash can
B) On a mattress
C) On the escalator
D) In his pocket