Test is compliments of the Professional Development Institute

By the Great Horn Spoon

1. Why is Captain Swain racing the Sea Raven?

A) For command of a new clipper ship
B) For a cash prize
C) To be first to stake claim in California
D) To earn fame

2. In the end, how did Jack and Praiseworthy make their money?

A) Selling cats
B) Striking gold
C) Turning in Cut-Eye Higgins
D) Selling neckties

3. How do Jack and Praiseworthy get the money for the riverboat fair?

A) By offering free haircuts to miners
B) By offering to shovel coal
C) By selling potatoes and grape cuttings
D) By selling mining equipment

4. Why does Quartz Jackson follow Jack and Praiseworthy in Long Wharf?

A) He wants a haircut
B) He is trying to steal from them
C) He needs help finding his fiance
D) He wants them to mail a letter for him

5. How did Praiseworthy get the nickname Bullwhip?

A) For bull fighting
B) For carrying a bullwhip
C) For his strong punch to the road agent
D) For helping to push a cart uphill

6. Why did Pitch-pine Billy shoot at Praiseworthy?

A) It was an accident
B) He thought Praiseworthy had his washpan
C) Pitch-pine Billy thought he was a road agent
D) Praiseworthy was on his claim

7. Who is revealed as the thief on the ship?

A) Mountain Jim
B) The judge
C) The horse doctor
D) The road agent

8. What was Praiseworthy's job prior to the gold rush?

A) Waiter
B) Miner
C) Butler
D) Sailor

9. How did Jack and Praiseworthy strike gold?

A) Digging a hole to catch the grizzly
B) Falling in a coyote hole
C) Staking a new claim according to the map
D) Digging a grave for Cut-Eye Higgins

10. Who got the pig, Good Luck, safely off the ship?

A) Jack
B) Mountain Jim
C) Cut-Eye Higgins
D) Praiseworthy