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The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch



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Book Summary


Elizabeth is a beautiful princess who is going to marry a prince named Ronald. One day, a dragon takes Ronald away. Elizabeth sets out to get Ronald back from the dragon. Because the dragon had burned all of her clothes, the only thing she could find to wear was a paper bag.

Princess Elizabeth went to the dragon's cave but the dragon would not let her in. Elizabeth tried talking to him and asking him to show her what he could do. He showed her how he could burn down forests and tried to impress her with how fast he could fly around the world. Elizabeth giggled. She had outsmarted the dragon by getting him to use up the rest of his fire and energy.

When the dragon fell asleep, she walked into the cave and rescued Ronald. When Ronald saw how Elizabeth was dressed, he told her to come back when she looked like a proper princess. Elizabeth realized her unappreciative prince was not the one for her and she didn't marry him after all.


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Novel Activities


1. What qualities do you have that are similar to Elizabeth? Draw a picture of yourself and below it, write down the similar qualities.

2. Make a princess puppet out of a paper lunch bag.

3. Do you think Elizabeth is a good friend? Do you think Ronald is a good friend? Write down each of their qualities and then decide which one you would rather be friends with.


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Vocabulary Words


castle expensive dragon fiery
cave knocker fiercest bum


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Writing Activities


Sensory/Descriptive: Describe the dragon. How did it look, smell, feel, and sound? Be sure to use at least two adjectives for each sense to describe the dragon.


Imaginative/Narrative: What do you think Prince Ronald would have done if Elizabeth were the one captured by the dragon? Write a story about what would have happened if things had been the other way around.


Analytical/Persuasive: Princess Elizabeth rescued Ronald by outsmarting the dragon and making him so tired that he fell asleep and she was able to rescue Ronald. What if
this had not worked? What are some things that Elizabeth could have told the dragon to convince him to let Ronald go?


Practical/Informative: Pretend you are a news reporter reporting on this event. Write an
article about the events of this day. Be sure to include all the facts.


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Discussion/Journal Topics


Who do you think is smarter Elizabeth or Ronald? Why?

What do you think the following saying means, "Don't judge a book by its cover."


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Online Test


Your students can take an online test with immediate results at:

The Paper Bag Princess Online Test


The Professional Development Institute has a complete literature unit for this novel. For more information, click the link below.

The Paper Bag Princess Literature Unit (Check out the sample pages!)


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