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Gilbert Goldfish Wants a Pet by Kelly DiPucchio



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Book Summary


An adorable book about Gilbert the goldfish and his desire to have his very own pet. What child can't relate to such a story? Story and illustrations are delightful and the surprise ending is sure to give kids a smile.


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Novel Activities


1. Cut a large goldfish shape out of construction paper. Then, glue tiny pieces of orange tissue paper onto the goldfish to make your very own Gilbert the goldfish.

2. Cut a triangle shape out of a paper plate the size of about 1/6 of the plate. The cut out area becomes the mouth of the goldfish and the triangle shape gets glued to the other side of the plate becoming the fish's tale. Now, paint the paper plate orange.

3. Eat goldfish crackers as your teacher reads the story.


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Vocabulary Words


outsider magnificent feast desperately
floppy teensy peering aquarium


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Writing Activities


Sensory/Descriptive: Imagine you have a bird named Bernice. What pet do you think Bernice wishes she could have? Describe the pet and why Bernice wants it.


Imaginative/Narrative: Do you think the dog really wanted to be Gilbert's pet? Why did the dog have to leave? Write a story about this.


Analytical/Persuasive: Imagine you found a lizard in your backyard. Write a persuasive letter convincing Gilbert that the lizard will be a good pet for him.


Practical/Informative: Think of a pet you would like to have. Make a list of the responsibilities of taking care of that particular pet.


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Discussion/Journal Topics


What pet would you like to have?

Imagine what type of pet your own personal pet wishes he or she could have.

Have you ever had a goldfish as a pet?


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Online Test


Your students can take an online test with immediate results at:

Book Online Test


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